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Tweed Obsessed

Feb 23, 2017

Tweed is the perfect material for adding an element of class and chic-ness to any look. It instantly makes even the most casual of outfit seem just a little more dressy.

For this look, I wanted to take the minimalist approach while having pops of color in the tweed top, and since the top has black as one of its main colors, I decided to do a borderline-monochromatic all black look.

A minimalist black coat, a simple pair of leather ankle boots, and a blingy black cross-body bag kept the look simple and cohesive, while the perfect pair of cropped jeans made for a nice contrasting factor.

Outfit Details:

*Andrea is 5 foot 3*

Apparently I have a Zara problem because this entire look was unintentionally purchased from Zara.

Tweed Top ~ Zara (wearing small)
Leather Boots ~ Zara (true to size)
Coat ~ Zara (wearing XS)
Cropped Jeans ~ Zara (wearing US 4)
Cross-Body Bag ~ Zara