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Intro to Fall 17

I don’t know what it is about fall but I always get way edgier with the looks I produce the second a leaf hits the ground (and I’m not mad about it), and no one does edgy fall fashion better than Zara, which is where the bag and dress are from!

I’m obsessed with the metallic embellishments on these Marc Fisher heels (here), so of course I had to match it to some larger than life sunnies from ASOS (sold out).

All this needs is a black leather moto jacket….I seriously wish I had thought of that before just now!

Outfit Details:

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Summer ’17 Finale

OK let’s be honest. I’m totally late posting my last summer look of the season but sue me I had stuff to do, and my next three looks coming up are totally season appropriate so stay tuned.

Although the rules of wearing white after labor day have become more and more blurred over the last few years, I still tend to follow them, which is why this look was shot well before labor day…I’m just a procrastinator.

Anyways, with ruffles being one of THE summer 17 trends, this dress created a new take on the skater dress while some highly contrasting navy blue accessories created a bold look for a night out.

Outfit Details:

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The Smock Top

With the end of summer comes the end of fun summer looks like these, but luckily in GA it stays in the 80’s well into October, so smock tops and high waisted shorts don’t actually have to be put to bed quite yet (although if your’re anything like me, you break out the boots the day fall officially comes).

And although I put together a perfect summer look, this smock top (find here), could easily be transitioned into fall with some flair jeans and booties.

But for the days that still feel like summer, keeping the smock top with some casual jean shorts, some statement slides (find here), and a simple bag (find here) make for the perfect #ootd!

Shop The Look:

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How to Get Away With An Outfit Repeat

The key to creating a look that can easily be worn again without having to change up too many parts is to have the majority of the look be relatively understated so that your to-be-swapped piece is the focal point of the look.

In these two similar looks, the blouse of choice is the focal point. By breaking up the monochromatic feel of the lower half of the look, your eye is instantly drawn to the pop of color that both blouses provide, enabling you to easily get away with an (almost) outfit repeat by just swapping out the blouse!

*For the transitional months, try layering with a light trench coat or blazer!*

Shop These Looks Here:

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Red, White, and not-so Blue

Getting back into the swing of things, I wanted to do a look that was simple and fun.

Starting with this casual smock dress (find here), a full red and white look was a no-brainer, and adding some red sunnies (find here) was icing on the (red and white?) cake.

And of course, you can’t go wrong with a white leather shoe/bag combo (unless it’s after labor day)!

Shop This Look Below:

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Keep it Tucked

Yet another look from Madewell. What can I say, I’m a bit obsessed, but what I love about these last couple looks is that even though the clothes are all from Madwell, they give off completely different vibes while still remaining chic as hell yet classy as always.

Endless blue tones keep the look cool, summery, and seemingly effortless while a strappy platform (find here) adds an edge factor. A tucked blouse (find here) and a fun basket bag with a blue striped liner adds exactly what the outfit needs for a complete look.

Shop This Look Below:

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Pink Priorities

When I started it was so much fun. I loved every second of it, but over the past couple months it began to feel more and more like a job and for no other reason than the fact that I was putting enormous amounts of pressure on myself to make this into something that wasn’t possible in such a short amount of time. I was stressed out 24/7 for literally no reason. My Instagram stressed me out, this blog stressed me out, my other social medias stressed me out, all because I thought I wasn’t doing good enough work or trying hard enough. I was constantly analyzing everything I was doing so carefully to the point where it was driving me crazy, so I just had to take a break. I had to realign my priorities and figure out a way to keep up with this and my personal blog without letting them consume me so much that it caused me severe anxiety, and with that came the decision to not take a year off from school and make this blog my #2 priority. I had to turn these websites back into a hobby and something fun. I had to take the pressure to be perfect off of myself. I needed to get back into a casual mindset so that I don’t continue to spend hours at a time analyzing every little aspect of what I’m doing with my blogs, and now that I’ve come to these conclusions, I finally feel ready to move forward, which brings me to this post (which I should’ve posted a long time ago), Pink Priorities.

As did my last post, this look mostly came from Madewell (that store is dangerous guys). I couldn’t resist the thought of this dainty white tank paired with this chic wrap skirt (currently on MAJOR sale here), and having already snagged this tan shoe/handbag combo, I knew I already had a perfect look!

Shop the Look Below:

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White’s Alright

White is a color that looks good on everyone, and I knew when I saw this dress while stopping by Madewell, it would look great on my gorgeously tan friend, and what’s even better? This dress is on sale for $30 OFF (find here)!

A casual white sundress is awesome because so many things can be done with it. It can be worn casually with some sandals, dressed up with some heels, and any color shoe/handbag combo would look phenomenal, especially something bright like a red or a pink.

I decided to keep things fairly neutral with a beige shoe (find here)/handbag (find here) combination, and with that created a chic, casual summer look ready for any number of daytime occasions.

Shop This Look Below:

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Pink Party

Sometimes a dress just isn’t enough all alone and needs a little somethin’ somethin’. That was the case with this pink faux-suede dress. As super cute as it is (find here), I knew it needed something else to make the look a little more unique and put together, and what better than a white puff sleeve shirt (find here) to add some much needed pink-break-up.

Continuing with the themes of both texture and pink provided by this dress, a suede fuzzy heel (find here) and a grainy leather bag (find here) added the right amount of both!

Outfit Details:

Pink Suede Effect Dress (find here), Pink Fuzzy Heel (find here), White Poplin Shirt (find here), Pink Bag (find here)

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White skinny jeans (find here) are a spring staple for every girl, and when paired with a bright statement top, they’re most definitely at their prime.

This denim top (find here) is casual enough to be worn out to lunch or to run some weekend errands, yet can easily be dressed up enough for a girl’s night out.

Paired with some beige accessories to keep things light and bright (purse here, shoes here), this look stands out without seeming to try too hard, AKA the perfect weekend look.

Outfit Details:

Denim Top (find here), White Skinny Jeans (find here), Tan Sandals (find here), Leather mini-bag (find here)

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Colorful Culottes

Culottes. One word: OBSESSED.

Creating this look was as effortless as it is effortlessly chic. Especially once I found these fabulous pants (THANK YOU ZARA ~ find here).

I love when a statement piece gives me a color scheme that I can take and run with, because it makes being bold with accessories that much easier since I don’t have to put in the extra effort needed to tie in a bold color, and I always love when I get to do a not-so-similar shoe/handbag combo (my OCD only lets it happen once in a blue moon), too.

I chose to play with the red and green colors of the culottes by choosing a moss green mini bucket bag (find here) and a simple red heeled sandal (find here), and to finish off the look, a unique white blouse (find here) that added to the CHICNESS without drawing too much attention from where the real party is (the CULOTTES).

Outfit Details:

Culottes (find here), White Blouse w/ Detachable Bow (find here), Moss Green Bucket Bag (find here), Red Heeled Sandal (find here)

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Metallic Details

The summer months are upon us and sometimes a night out requires something other than a dress, so luckily the romper is here to save us all from an endless stream of mini dresses, and when I saw this awesome lace romper (find here), I thought it was time to do something a little more night-time appropriate than I normally do.

With intricate detailing, bell sleeves, and a high neck, this romper needed accessories that didn’t overpower, but instead added to, the statement this romper makes. And at the top of my list was metallic and embellishments, coming together perfectly with a gold short heel (find here) and a 3D floral clutch (find here).









Outfit Details:

Lace Romper (find here, similar here and here), Shoes (find here), Clutch (find here)

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Vertical Stripes

Long dresses aren’t something I normally gravitate towards, but lately I’ve had the beach on my mind, and this dress (find here) certainly seemed beach appropriate (if only I had, had a beach to shoot this look on).

Simple yet chic, this maxi dress brought effortless elegance to a simple look that could easily be spring wedding appropriate.

Paired with a simple straw clutch (find here) and a white heeled sandal (find here), this look captured the simplicity any beach-ready look should!

Outfit Details:

Striped Dress (find here, also love these other versions here and here), Straw Clutch (find here), Heeled Sandals (find here)

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Beach Bags

In honor of yours truly being beach bound in 48 hours, I felt it appropriate to create a little beach bag editorial for you all.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love the bags SS17 has brought to us, and when searching for the perfect bags to add to this post I was not disappointed.

From colorful Kate Spade’s to endless straw bags in countless shapes, all these bags are certainly beach certified.

Shop My Picks:

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Pants that WERK

I’m a firm believer that more women should wear pants that aren’t skinny jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I love skinny jeans, but there are more options!!! Options of which can be just as flattering, feminine, and styled in endless ways.

And here lies exhibit A. At first glance, these trousers, or linen cigarette pants as they’re called on (find here), may not seem like the most feminine or flattering thing a woman could wear, but hear me out!!

The high-waisted fit accentuates curves especially with such a lightweight linen fabric, and when paired with a cropped wrap-top (find here) with a bow detail on the back, it screams femininity.

A simple strappy sandal (see – you don’t have to wear a manly dress-shoe with a trouser!) (find here) and a handmade straw bag (find here) add even more touches of effortless femininity, all together creating an unexpected look that screams power-chic.

Outfit Details:

White Wrap-Top (find here), Linen Trousers (find here, available in pale blue here), Strappy Sandals (find here), Strawberry Bag (find here)

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Gingham Set

The concept of a matching set is certainly nothing new and can often come across as overpowering or a bit too much, so whenever I come across one I love, I always snatch it up for one of my models (skirt here, top here).

The key to perfecting a matching set #ootd is to keep things simple. A matching set will always make a statement. It’ll always stand out from the crowd, so don’t overpower it with bold and loud accessories.

To create a not-too overpowering contrast affect to this look, I decided to add a simple black shoe/handbag combo to keep from drawing too much attention from the gingham set while preventing them from being lost in the look as well (bag here, wedges here).

Outfit Details:

Gingham Top (find here), Gingham Skirt (find here), Wedges (find here, similar here ~ under $100), Leather Bag (find here ~ on SALE, similar here and here)

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How to Rock a Denim Skirt

Denim skirts, once branded juvenile and so early 2000’s, have slowly but surely made their comeback along with the denim revolution of recent years. Furthermore, they have started to become a point of experimentation in the world of fast fashion, with designers adding different on-trend aspects to the once simple denim mini-skirt.

This denim skirt (find here), in particular, was adorned with raw edges and a partial ruffle aspect to create an edgier feel to it, which I contrasted by making the rest of the look simple yet feminine (find top here, shoes here, and purse (ON SALE) here), all to let the skirt remain the look’s focal point.

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Outfit Details:

Amanda is 5′

White Top ~ (find here) (wearing small), Suede Heeled Sandals ~ (find here) (true to size), Denim Skirt ~ (find here (almost sold out but ON SALE)) (wearing size extra-small), Leather Bag ~ (find here)

Below are some similar items I LOVE just as much 🙂

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Striped Midi Sundress

Yet again I have gotten behind. Very, very behind, but in doing so I was able to get ahead…surprisingly. But I can officially say that I have things back on track, have made some improvements, and am taking things to the next level! I’m going to start trying to post 5ish times a week instead of the twice I’ve been doing. They won’t necessarily be outfits I’ve styled and photographed but I have some ideas runnin’ around so def. check back more often or subscribe so you never miss a post!

Now onto this lovely spring look. Midi skirts and midi dresses have made quite the comeback in recent years, and I’m pleased to see it staying strong through SS17! These vertical stripes (find the dress here) work to elongate while the pops of color keep the look light and bright.

And a suede sandal with a bow detail (find here) works with this gorgeous handmade strawberry bag (find here) to keep the look feminine and warm-weather appropriate.

Outfit Details:

Striped Midi Sundress (find here), Handmade Strawberry bag (find here), Suede Bow Detail Sandal (find here)

Below are some similar bags, dresses, and shoes that are all must-have’s this spring!

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Shades of Blue

Roadblocks and changes. That’s how I would describe the last 2 weeks. It seemed like nothing wanted to go right and because of that I was a little (a lot) short on content, but I’m back up and running now and that’s all that matters! I’ve also noticed a change in the looks I’ve been putting together. I think spring/summer has put me into a bright color and fun and flirty vibe with my stylings, but I’m really loving all the looks I’ve been doing recently, and I’m excited about the upcoming looks, too!

Anyways, the look you see here came together so effortlessly. The blues all worked together and the simple white leather accessories (found here and here) added texture and simplicity to create a bold spring look. Safe to say I’m obsessed.

Outfit Details:

Amanda is 5′

Faux Leather Skirt ~ Zara (wearing size small) (find here) , Leather Sandals ~ Zara (true to size) (find here) , Printed Crop ~ Zara (wearing size small) (find here) , Leather Handbag ~ Sam Edelman (Nordstrom) (find here)

Shop some other bags and sandals I love below!! The Sam Edelman bag is almost 50% off (and real leather)!! And all those things are available in WHITE! For some reason they’re showing up in other colors but if you click the links you’ll see color options!

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The Postcard Dress

I’ve never been one to shy away from something others might see as “too loud” or “too bold,” and this postcard dress is no exception.

Loud, vibrant, and full of personality, I had to feature this dress in my spring outfit lineup!

And even though I love the loudness of this dress, I had to tone it down when it came to accessorizing, because I wanted the dress to remain the focal point of the look. A block heel sandal and a simple black bag to match kept the look simple and springy.

Outfit Details:

Taylor is 5’3”

Postcard Dress ~ ASOS (wearing US 2) (find here), Block Heel Sandal ~ Zara (true to size) (find here), Black Leather Handbag ~ Kate Spade (Von Maur) (find here)

Shop these and some similar items below! OBSESSED with these dresses similar to the postcard dress (from, too)!

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Suede Slides

Until recently, when I thought of the term “slides,” the only image that came to mind was athletic slides basketball players wore and those around me began to wear, too, but not without some sore of athletic sock to match, but SS17 has brought the slide back and in full throttle.

Slides with fur, slides with bows, slides with pom poms, slides with any and everything imaginable have become available in recent months, so I felt it was about time I put the trend to the test, myself, and I liked the vibe it gave a look that could’ve easily been dressed up or dressed down.

These pink suede Steve Madden slides added a touch of casual femininity to make this look perfect for daytime but even better for a beach getaway (that part was unintentional).

Outfit Details:

Jenna is 5’8”

Open Back Tie Dress ~ ASOS (wearing US 2) (find here (in tall) and here (in regular)), Suede Slides ~ Steve Madden (true to size) (find here), Handbag ~ Kate Spade (find here)

Shop these and more below! All the dresses are available in WHITE and all the shoes/bags are available in PINK!

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Black and White

Gingham has taken over the realm of patters for spring 2017, and in more ways than you’d expect. Gingham is no longer just for picnic table shades of red and blue, it’s for bold design, bold colors, and so much more.

Gingham took this black and white look to a whole new level of sophistication, and the ruffles down the sides added a touch of fun and flirty that tied in with the trumpet sleeves on the off the shoulder top, which had a bit of ruffleage (a word I invented) going on of its own.

Keeping things sleek and sophisticated, a patent leather handbag and shoe combination left the look feeling complete, with a heavy contrast between the lightness of the linen-like material of the top and pants and the bluntness of the patent leather.

Outfit Details:

Jenna is 5’8”

Gingham Pants ~ Zara (wearing size small)
Patent Leather Heels ~ Zara (ran a size big)
Trumpet Sleeve Top ~ Zara (wearing size small)
Leather Handbag ~ Ted Baker (Nordstrom)

Floral Denim

I’m a little OCD when it comes to color-coordination, and this look is what my OCD dreams are made of.

Whenever I have a pattern included in a look that I want to be the focal point of the look, I always stay within the color scheme provided by the pattern itself. I wouldn’t want to draw attention away from my intended focal point with a pop of color.

I also try to make looks a little closer to the simple side of the spectrum whenever I have an intended focal point as well, and in this look, my focal point was this gorgeous floral denim skirt.

A pink shoe/handbag combo tied in with the pink flowers and a solid green top definitely added a bold touch to the look without drawing too much attention from the skirt, itself.

Outfit Details:

Arabella is 5’8”

Floral Denim Skirt ~ Zara (wearing XS)
Pink Suede Sandals ~ Nine West (Nordstrom) (true to size)
Bell Sleeve Crop-Top ~ Zara (wearing size small)
Handbag ~ Kate Spade (Nordstrom)

Printed Pants

Typically when I see women wearing tops like this, they style them with some light blue or white skinny jeans, but I wanted to do something different. This top was so unique that it needed to be apart of a look equally as different.

These printed pants did just the trick. I’ve worked with cropped and wide leg trousers so much lately that I wanted to work with something totally different, and I loved the result.

Keeping with the colors provided by the print, I added a pink kitten heel and pink handbag to add some more pops of color to this colorful spring look, but was careful to not overpower the look with excessive amounts of color!

Outfit Details:

Makenzi is 5’10”

Printed Pants ~ Zara (wearing size smal)
Ruffle Sleeve Top ~ J.O.A. (wearing size medium)
Handbag ~ Kate Spade (Nordstrom)
Kitten Heels ~ Louise et Cie Jacoba (Nordstrom)

Embroidered Sundress

I’m teaching myself that looks don’t have to be immensely elaborate to be “good.” Sometimes I get caught up in always trying to do something “unique” or “unexpected.” So much so that I forget why I’m doing this: I simply enjoy putting looks together.

whether a look has 3 pieces or 10, it can still be a look that turns heads.

This look is simple and summery but sure to turn heads. This gorgeous, backless, embroidered dress is a bold shade of blue and made unique with ruffles and cut-outs and the look is completed with a light tan pair of heels and a light tan bag with an added pop in its corset-themed design.

Urban Corsets

Thanks to the Kardashians and Jenners, the corset has taken over the world of high fashion / street style. I mean, why wear something not fitted as it’s supposed to be worn when you can add a corset and show off your figure?

This bright yellow t-shirt dress was just simple enough to add a corset to, but to keep things from getting too black and yellow once I factored in the puffer jacket, I chose an embroidered pair of ankle boots to add some more pops of primary colors.

All together a simple but high fashion city inspired look.

Outfit Details:

Chesney is 5’2”

T-Shirt Dress ~ ASOS (wearing US 2)
Puffer Jacket ~ STYLENANDA (ASOS) (wearing S/M)
Corset ~ ASOS (wearing size S/M)
Patchwork Boots ~ ASOS (true to size)

Wide Legs and Wedges

Marc Fisher single-handedly brought back the wedge for Spring 2017, and I can’t say I’m upset. Wedges go so well with so many things, and they really help to make your legs look longer while being a hell of a lot easier to walk in than a stiletto (so I’ve been told ~ this is styled by KYLE (a boy who has never had to walk in heels)).

Normally, a wide leg trouser would cause someone shorter than average to seem even shorter, but with the combination of a cropped length, the height of a wedge, and the lace-up factor, the leg is elongated dramatically. Not to mention high-wasted pants always work in shorter women’s favor as well.

A flowing off the shoulder top and a simple black cross-body bag kept things effortlessly chic to finish off the look.


Outfit Details:

Amanda is 5’0”

Off the Shoulder Top ~ Love, Fire (Nordstrom) (wearing XS)
Wedges ~ Zara (true to size)
Wide Leg Cropped Trousers ~ ASOS Petite (wearing US 00)
Crossbody Bag ~ Zara

Gold and Pearls

With all the pink I’ve been focusing on lately, this black and gold look is quite the contrast.

Watching this look come together was quite the experience: it’s certainly detail oriented. The gold and pearl detailing on the loafer matches the detailing on the handbag, and the gold midi skirt and black crop kept things simple and color coordinated.

Knowing it was missing something, I had the idea to see if I could find some gold glittery stockings to add a little something to the look and I quickly found just what I was looking for.

Outfit Details:

Claudia is 5’8.5”

Pleated Skirt ~ Zara (wearing medium)
Velvet Loafers ~ Jeffrey Campbell (Nordstrom) (true to size)
Knit Crop ~ Zara (wearing size small)
Handbag ~ Zac Posen (Nordstrom)
Glitter Ankle Socks ~ ASOS

Pink Fur Pink Bag Pink Shoes

Boring is not what I do. A denim look can easily take on a life of its own when I’m involved.

This look screams texture. Fur, patchwork, suede, and leather all bring added dimension to the look, but color coordination brings it all together nicely.

The pink in the patchwork is brought together with a pink bag, pink heels, and a pink fur coat, while a white poplin top keeps things bright and its asymmetrical “tail” adds one more factor of added dimension to the look.

Outfit Details:

Mikayla is 5’7”

Patchwork Jeans ~ Zara (wearing US 4)
Suede Heels ~ Sam Edelman (Nordstrom) (true to size)
Handbag ~ Ted Baker (Nordstrom)
Poplin Top w/ Asymmetrical Hem ~ Zara (wearing size small)
Faux Fur Coat ~ Betsey Johnson (Nordstrom) (wearing size small)

Endless Pink

I’m working on some transitional looks, and with that comes the usage of a lot of pink, especially this spring when pink is the hottest color. I’m obsessed, and this look definitely took on some 50 shades of pink action.

My goal for this look was to be work appropriate, fun, chic, and bold. You can’t deny how happy seeing this much pink makes you. It’s fabulous.

A cropped trouser keeps the look smart, while a ruffle sleeve sweater adds a touch of femininity and boldness, and I chose white to break up all the pink in the look while also fitting in perfectly to the bright color scheme.

A light pink Ted Baker bag and some some dark pink suede heels for a nice contrast completed the look, making it feel effortless while still maintaining a bold statement.

Outfit Details:

Mikayla is 5’7”

Cropped Trouser ~ Zara (wearing size small)
Suede Heels ~ Sam Edelman (Nordstrom) (true to size)
Ruffle Sleeve Sweater ~ Zara (wearing size small)
Leather Satchel ~ Ted Baker (Nordstrom)


Athleisure has effectively swept the nation, and the rest of the world, too. How else would you explain seeing people wearing sneakers with pretty much everything on a daily basis?

It definitely took me awhile to warm up to the whole sneaker trend, but once I started exploring it within my own wardrobe, I thought it was time I styled an athleisure look for one of my models, too.

Brittany is the definition of gym rat, so with her athletic build and generally laid back style, I knew she was the perfect candidate to explore an athleisure (so apparently athleisure doesn’t follow the i before e, except after c rule and it’s bugging me) look with.

This look is comfy, casual, chic as day, totally in-trend, and still athleisure as can be.

I also wanted to bring as much femininity as I could to this look. I didn’t want to do your average sneaker look, and these Ted Baker leather sneakers did just the trick. I’ve talked about how much I love Ted Baker before, and these sneakers only increased my love. I took the color of the floral on the sneakers and made it the base color for the look, and contrasted it with a navy blue duster coat.

Duster coats are insanely lightweight, comfy, and will leave you feeling like you just stepped out of your mansion. The length of dusters also elongate your body, making you appear taller.

And I finished the look with a simple Ted Baker cross body. There’s no such thing as too much Ted Baker, right?

Outfit Details:

For Reference ~ Brittany is 5’2”

Duster Coat w/ Velvet Pockets ~ Topshop (Nordstrom) (wearing US 4 (fits like 0-2))
Floral Sneakers ~ Ted Baker (ASOS) (true to size)
Jeans ~ Zara (wearing US 6)
Sweater ~ Topshop (Nordstrom) (wearing US 4 (fits like 0-2))
Cross-body Bag ~ Ted Baker (Nordstrom)

Bell Sleeves and Sneakers

For this look I wanted to go in a casual direction, but this bell sleeve dress could definitely be dressed up, too! Maybe some ankle boots and a coat (maybe even a corset belt) could dress this sweatshirt dress up just a little, but like I said, I was thinking casual.

A white sneaker made the look athleisure while the blingy bag made things still casual but nice enough for a lunch date! This look is perfect to run some errands, too!

If you wanted to take this look into total athleisure-mode, a white mini backpack could do just the trick!

Outfit Details:

*Andrea is 5 foot 3*

Dress ~ Zara (wearing small)
Sneakers ~ Reebok
Cross-Body Bag ~ Zara

Tweed Obsessed

Tweed is the perfect material for adding an element of class and chic-ness to any look. It instantly makes even the most casual of outfit seem just a little more dressy.

For this look, I wanted to take the minimalist approach while having pops of color in the tweed top, and since the top has black as one of its main colors, I decided to do a borderline-monochromatic all black look.

A minimalist black coat, a simple pair of leather ankle boots, and a blingy black cross-body bag kept the look simple and cohesive, while the perfect pair of cropped jeans made for a nice contrasting factor.

Outfit Details:

*Andrea is 5 foot 3*

Apparently I have a Zara problem because this entire look was unintentionally purchased from Zara.

Tweed Top ~ Zara (wearing small)
Leather Boots ~ Zara (true to size)
Coat ~ Zara (wearing XS)
Cropped Jeans ~ Zara (wearing US 4)
Cross-Body Bag ~ Zara

The Tulle Skirt

In honor of NYFW coming to a close, I wanted to put together a look that would’ve been street-ready and just crazy enough to have been the coolest look in any room (major NYFW FOMO over here).

Midi-skirts have become quite the staple in the world of street style as of late, and tulle is one of the newest additions into the midi-skirt family to catch some momentum.

The daintiness and femininity of a pink tulle skirt makes for an amazing look when contrasted perfectly. The metallic shoe/clutch combo adds an edginess factor, while the long coat adds a hint of masculinity. All while the bell sleeve of the knit top and the floral embroidery tie back in the femininity of the tulle skirt.

Outfit Details:

Mikayla is 5’7”

Tulle Skirt ~ TopShop (Nordstrom) (wearing US 4)
Metallic Heels ~ Zara (true to size)
Bell Sleeve Top ~ Zara (wearing size small)
Embroidered Coat ~ Zara (wearing size small)

Cassandra Sam // Grunge Meets Feminine

Grunge is a style I haven’t worked with much, but was inspired by this simple t-shirt dress to put together a look that had the essence of grunge with a feel of femininity added to it as well.

The off the shoulder denim jacket, the dark color pallet, and the thigh highs all work together to scream grunge. And in contrast, the bright white of the dress mixed with the ruffle detailing make for a very feminine and light-feeling focal point of the look.

The white of the dress contrasts the look while the ruffle detailing ties in the dark color pallet, and to finish off the look, I went with this black leather handbag with pops of color in the details to brighten up the look even more.

Outfit Details:

*Cassandra Sam is 5 foot 3*

T-Shirt Dress w/ Ruffle Details ~ ASOS (wearing US 2)
Thigh High Boots ~ Nasty Gal
Handbag ~ Zara
Denim Jacket ~ ASOS (wearing US 2)

Macy McDonald // The Puff Sleeve

Spring 2017 has brought with it many unexpected and unusual trends; one of which being the puff sleeve, and when I saw this sweatshirt I fell in love. And being as unique as it is, I wanted to keep the rest of the look as unique as the sweatshirt.

The ripped jeans kept the look casual while the asymmetrical hem flowed perfectly into the Marc Fisher heels I chose to add a sleek, polished feel to the look. And to tie in the heels, I chose this structured corset bag to add one more wow factor to the already poppin’ look!

The light shades of pink, brown, and blue all tied into each other so nicely to create a look that made each piece seem like it was made for the other. The colors and materials also worked together to create a look warm enough for those final winter days yet bright enough for the transition into spring, because here in GA spring is coming a little early this year!

Outfit Details:

*Macy is 5 foot 3*

Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt ~ Zara (wearing small)
Boyfriend Jeans ~ ASOS (wearing W25 L30)
Zala Pump ~ Marc Fisher (true to size)
Corset Cross-Body Bag ~ Zara

Chesney Jensen // Embroidered Ankle Boots

Now, I never have and never will claim to be the best photographer in the whole world, but I am obsessed with these pictures. I honestly don’t even know how I get pictures that look like this. Honestly, it’s all the camera’s doing. I just choose the focus point and take the picture, but I guess during this look the lighting was just right and I was doing something right, too because these came out so amazing.

I just had to take a second and brag on myself because I have come a long way from my first attempts at using this camera.


I would describe this look as understated yet effortlessly chic.

I began putting this look together as I normally do: finding an awesome pair of shoes and going from there (my shoe obsession is too real).

These embroidered ankle boots caught my eye the second they popped up on my screen. They were absolutely fabulous.

Because the boots were so amazing, I wanted them to be the focal point of the look, so I opted to keep the rest of the look very minimal. I decided to use navy blue as the base color of this look, and brought in a pop of red to bring out the red embroidery in the boots.

Some ripped jeans kept the look casual and a simple handbag tied in the boots without drawing away too much attention!

Outfit details:

Chesney Jensen is 5 foot 2

Petite Boyfrind Coat ~ ASOS (wearing US 0)
Knit Sweater ~ TopShop (wearing US 4 (fits like 0-2))
High Wasted Jeans ~ Misguided Sinner (wearing US 4)
Handbag ~ Michael Kors (Nordstrom)
Embroidered Ankle Boots ~ Zara

Brittany Hoell // Denim, Patchwork, and Ruffles

With being the photographer AND stylist, a rainy shooting day is your worst nightmare. The camera cannot get wet, you can’t take outdoor/uncovered pictures in the rain, and leather shoes are NOT water appropriate.

When I saw that the forecast showed rain the entire Saturday I was intending for this shoot I started to mildly panic, but later into Friday when I could see the hour by hour for Saturday, I saw an opening. From 8AM-9AM the chance for rain was the lowest it would be for the entire day, so I let Brittany know the time and we both set our alarms for a lot earlier than we would’ve liked to for our much needed weekend rest.

I woke up that morning, looked outside, and was not pleased with what I saw. Because of the cloud coverage it was dark, it was misting, and I was quickly loosing hope that we were gonna make it before it began to downpour. However with my job, the ability to improvise is key. So luckily, I had chosen a location with lots of coverage just in case we needed it. I got to the location and when Brittany pulled up I tried to hide how worried I was. I definitely didn’t want to be the reason she woke up insanely early to get ready and then drove an hour for nothing.

What wasn’t able to be hid though, was how crunched for time we felt. Even though we had enough light outside, and it was misting just lightly enough for it to not be noticed, I had a feeling we needed to move as quickly as humanly possible. We did some shots out in the open and then moved on to a covered “porch” on the local city hall building. The lighting wasn’t ideal, but the darkness almost tied in with the borderline grunge of the look.

We spent some time shooting different directions and angles under the cover and as we went to move out the rain started coming down. I made sure to get every necessary shot I would need within the first 15-20 minutes, so I knew we wouldn’t have to do a do-over if we quit then. We stayed under the cover for a few more shots and by then the rain was only getting harder. We booked it to our cars, Brittany changed, and we drove through the pouring rain to get some breakfast and chat while I thanked my lucky stars that we had, had just enough time before the rain came.


For Brittany’s first Styled by Kyle, I wanted to do something I hadn’t done before. Doing something edgy and dark was definitely on my mind. While searching, I came across this patchwork denim top and mini skirt combo, but I knew that alone wouldn’t be enough.

I had also intended on doing some sort of layering, so I decided to see what my layering options would be. My first step was to look into something collared and long sleeved, and when I saw this white button up with ruffle sleeves, I knew I had to have it.

The white contrasted the darkness of the look so flawlessly, and the ruffles added a dainty lightheartedness to the look that was so obviously contrasted by the edginess of the patchwork and the leather ankle boots. I knew the look would be perfect, and that it wouldn’t need anything else except a handbag that would perfectly tie in the texture of the leather shoes.

Outfit details:

Brittany Hoell is 5 foot 2

Denim Crop Top ~ Waven (wearing US 2)
Leather Heeled Ankle Boots ~ Zara (true to size)
Denim Skirt ~ Waven (wearing US 4)
Handbag ~ Michael Kors (Nordstrom)
Shirt w/ Open Ruffle Sleeves ~ ASOS (wearing US 2)

Bridget Baker // Chic and Backless

For Bridget’s first Styled by Kyle I wanted to do a simpler look that was still chic enough for almost any daytime outing.

I started out by searching my regular go-to sites for a cute top and stumbled across this super cute pink backless sweater. With the sweater in mind I decided I wanted to go with jeans and a neutral heel/bag combo to keep the look light and bright and also to keep the focus on the pink of the sweater.

And to winterize the look, I added a light grey coat which contrasted the pink perfectly and left the look feeling complete.


Outfit details:

*Bridget Baker is 5 foot 8*

Backless Top ~ ASOS (wearing US 4)
Jeans ~ River Island (wearing US 4)
Handbag ~ Paul’s Boutique (ASOS)
Heels ~ True Decadence (ASOS)
Longline Coat ~ River Island (wearing US 4)

Chesney Jensen // Playing with Texture

There’s never been a time in my life where I’ve been meeting and befriending so many cool and interesting people as I am right now. Styled by Kyle has given me such a unique opportunity to meet and work with so many different girls, and also reconnect with people who, over the years, I’ve drifted apart from.

An example of the latter is Ms. Chesney Jensen. Eight years ago we met in our 2nd grade class and were instantly joined at the hip, but as so many childhood friendships do, a new school year and move after move on my end stopped the friendship in its tracks with little to no possibility of a re-connection. Thankfully, Social Media came along to bring people together, and a couple years ago we started following each other on Instagram. We’ve both seen each other’s lives change throughout high school from picture after picture, but never had the opportunity to catch up. And that is where Styled by Kyle came into play. I messaged her to see if she’d want to be Styled by Kyle and was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm and the same hyper-active girl I got to know so many years ago.

When shoot day came I was so excited to photograph my looks, but I was also nervous to see someone I hadn’t seen or spoken to in eight years. I pulled into my driveway just as she did and things picked up right where they left off. We chatted endlessly throughout the shoot and when we were done we ended up chatting and catching up for hours and before we knew it, it was almost 8 o’cock and dark outside.

And speaking of darkness, let’s transition into Chesney’s monochromatic all black look featured in this post. This look was actually inspired (I always want to spell inspired with an e for some reason is that just me?) by my hair dresser who was wearing leather leggings and suede over the knee boots at my last hair appointment. I decided to keep the black on black going with a knit black turtle neck, and brightened things up with a pale-toned faux fur coat from Zara.

What I love about this look is all the texture. Nothing has the same or a similar texture. The softness of the suede, the shininess of the leather leggings, the knit sweater, the fur coat, all work together so well to make the monochromatic of the all black look less monochromatically (totally made that word up) boring.

Outfit details:

Knit Turtle Kneck ~ Madewell (Nordstrom)
Leather-Look Leggings ~ ASOS
Handbag ~ Ted Baker (Nordstrom)
OTK Boots ~ ASOS
Faux Fur Short Coat ~ Zara
Sunglasses ~ Prada

Morgan Mitchell // Military Coat

I loved being able to make three completely different looks for Morgan. Each one was effortlessly chic and all coincided with a different aspect of day to day life. Her first look was evening-ready, the second look was work appropriate, and this last look is a chic street-style outfit based around these awesome booties I found.

The first thing I wanted to do was tie in the pink and green in the pattern on the booties, which I did with a pink knit sweater and a dark green military coat. As for bottoms, I knew I wanted denim, but I wasn’t sure what I needed until I saw these killer cropped ruffle jeans. I had never seen anything like it, so I knew I needed to include it in the look.

Finally, I tied in the navy blue in the shoes with a small velvet handbag from Zara.

Outfit details:

Cropped Bell Jeans ~ River Island
Sweater ~ Monki
Booties ~ Daisy Street
Military Coat ~ ASOS
Velvet Handbag ~ Zara

Lindsey Bernier // Denim Jumpsuit

My final look with Lindsey was a look that I was so excited to see come together flawlessly.

When I saw this denim jumpsuit on 7 for all mankind’s website, I instantly envisioned it with the same platforms and bag I had put together for one of her previous looks.

It’s fun for me to attempt to create two completely different looks with the same shoe/handbag combination.

I knew I needed something to go underneath the jumpsuit, so I went with a predominately red, plaid high-neck top for an added pop of color.

Shout out to Lindsey for being such a great model, can’t wait for us to work together again!

Outfit details:

High Neck Blouse ~ Sister Jane (ASOS)
Denim Jump Suit ~ 7 for all mankind
Suede Platform Heels ~ Zara
Camel Coat ~ TopShop (Nordstrom)
Hobo Bag ~ Steven by Steve Madden (Nordstrom)

Morgan Mitchell // Chanel Inspired