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Lindsey Bernier // Ruffle Bomber

Dec 23, 2016

I get asked a lot how I know the clothes I pick out for my models will fit and suit the person the clothes are meant for.

My first answer is usually that I shop online a lot, so I know the brands and I know how they fit, but it’s not always that simple. Simply “fitting” the person doesn’t mean the clothes will look good on that person.  

You have to take into account the person you’re working with, not just their size. You need to think about their personality, their complexion, their hair color, their height, how their frame is built, etc. If I can’t envision my model in something, it won’t look good, and if my model doesn’t connect with the look, it won’t translate into good photos. It’s not just about the look, it’s about how good the model looks in the look.

That being said, although the predominant color of this looks is black, the brightness of the tunic’s embroidery ties in the brightness of Lindsey’s hair, while the black in the look contrasts for an added effect.

For an added layer I threw on a ruffle bomber and tied in the satin shininess of the bomber with a patent leather Marc Fisher heel.  

Outfit details:

Embroidered Tunic ~ ASOS
Heels ~ Marc Fisher (Nordstrom)
Clutch ~ Boohoo
Ruffle Bomber ~ ASOS