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Floral Denim

Apr 1, 2017

I’m a little OCD when it comes to color-coordination, and this look is what my OCD dreams are made of.

Whenever I have a pattern included in a look that I want to be the focal point of the look, I always stay within the color scheme provided by the pattern itself. I wouldn’t want to draw attention away from my intended focal point with a pop of color.

I also try to make looks a little closer to the simple side of the spectrum whenever I have an intended focal point as well, and in this look, my focal point was this gorgeous floral denim skirt.

A pink shoe/handbag combo tied in with the pink flowers and a solid green top definitely added a bold touch to the look without drawing too much attention from the skirt, itself.

Outfit Details:

Arabella is 5’8”

Floral Denim Skirt ~ Zara (wearing XS)
Pink Suede Sandals ~ Nine West (Nordstrom) (true to size)
Bell Sleeve Crop-Top ~ Zara (wearing size small)
Handbag ~ Kate Spade (Nordstrom)