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Dressing Transitionally

Mar 3, 2017

Dressing transitionally can be a daunting thing, especially when spring comes a few months too soon (as in GA where it’s already 60/70 degrees).

The key is to put together a look with the perfect mix of spring and winter. The look also needs to be sustainable with or without some sort of outerwear in case the morning/evenings are too cold without or the daytime is too hot with!

For this look, the spring aspects are in the colors and the sandals. The pink sweatshirt with the puff sleeves, the tassel sandals (which have so much volume you almost can’t tell they’re sandals from the front), and the light-wash and colors in the jeans all scream spring 2017.

The sweater’s long sleeves make it wearable without the fur coat, as the bag ties in the shoes nicely, but when the coat is added, it fits in so nicely it’s almost hard to imagine the look without it!

Outfit Details:

*Grace is 5 foot 5*

Pink Sweatshirt ~ Zara (wearing small)
Patchwork Jeans ~ Zara (wearing size US 4)
Coat ~ GLAMOROUS  (ASOS) (wearing US 2)
Shoes/Bag ~ Zara