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Colorful Culottes

Jun 7, 2017

Culottes. One word: OBSESSED.

Creating this look was as effortless as it is effortlessly chic. Especially once I found these fabulous pants (THANK YOU ZARA ~ find here).

I love when a statement piece gives me a color scheme that I can take and run with, because it makes being bold with accessories that much easier since I don’t have to put in the extra effort needed to tie in a bold color, and I always love when I get to do a not-so-similar shoe/handbag combo (my OCD only lets it happen once in a blue moon), too.

I chose to play with the red and green colors of the culottes by choosing a moss green mini bucket bag (find here) and a simple red heeled sandal (find here), and to finish off the look, a unique white blouse (find here) that added to the CHICNESS without drawing too much attention from where the real party is (the CULOTTES).

Outfit Details:

Culottes (find here), White Blouse w/ Detachable Bow (find here), Moss Green Bucket Bag (find here), Red Heeled Sandal (find here)

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