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Chesney Jensen // Playing with Texture

Jan 13, 2017

There’s never been a time in my life where I’ve been meeting and befriending so many cool and interesting people as I am right now. Styled by Kyle has given me such a unique opportunity to meet and work with so many different girls, and also reconnect with people who, over the years, I’ve drifted apart from.

An example of the latter is Ms. Chesney Jensen. Eight years ago we met in our 2nd grade class and were instantly joined at the hip, but as so many childhood friendships do, a new school year and move after move on my end stopped the friendship in its tracks with little to no possibility of a re-connection. Thankfully, Social Media came along to bring people together, and a couple years ago we started following each other on Instagram. We’ve both seen each other’s lives change throughout high school from picture after picture, but never had the opportunity to catch up.¬†And that is where Styled by Kyle came into play. I messaged her to see if she’d want to be Styled by Kyle and was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm and the same hyper-active girl I got to know so many years ago.

When shoot day came I was so excited to photograph my looks, but I was also nervous to see someone I hadn’t seen or spoken to in eight years. I pulled into my driveway just as she did and things picked up right where they left off. We chatted endlessly throughout the shoot and when we were done we ended up chatting and catching up for hours and before we knew it, it was almost 8 o’cock and dark outside.

And speaking of darkness, let’s transition into Chesney’s monochromatic all black look featured in this post. This look was actually inspired (I always want to spell inspired with an e for some reason is that just me?) by my hair dresser who was wearing leather leggings and suede over the knee boots at my last hair appointment. I decided to keep the black on black going with a knit black turtle neck, and brightened things up with a pale-toned faux fur coat from Zara.

What I love about this look is all the texture. Nothing has the same or a similar texture. The softness of the suede, the shininess of the leather leggings, the knit sweater, the fur coat, all work together so well to make the monochromatic of the all black look less monochromatically (totally made that word up) boring.

Outfit details:

Knit Turtle Kneck ~ Madewell (Nordstrom)
Leather-Look Leggings ~ ASOS
Handbag ~ Ted Baker (Nordstrom)
OTK Boots ~ ASOS
Faux Fur Short Coat ~ Zara
Sunglasses ~ Prada