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Bryanna Cool // Suede Saves the Day

Nov 30, 2016


This shoot was certainly one of my more interesting ones to date. This look wasn’t even part of the plan. It was totally improvised after two looks I had spent hours putting together fell through, but luckily I had just recently gotten Bry this suede dress for her birthday, and it went perfectly with the suede bag and suede boots I had intended for one of the looks that fell through. And luckily, Bry also had a black choker to add a touch of bling to the look.

The night before the shoot I still wasn’t sold on the look. I knew it needed something more. I wanted something to cover her arms and add another layer to the look, but I couldn’t think of what. I decided to drive to some local shops and just look around until I saw something that would work, and on the way I had the idea to do a black cardigan off the shoulder, but now the issue was finding the perfect black cardigan (I had already scrapped two looks I wasn’t settling one more time). I went store to store to store looking for a knit black cardigan that wasn’t too thick but also wasn’t thin. I wanted a texture that would compliment the suede in the boots and the bag. I had spent well over an hour going store to store and I had all but given up when I walked pass Garage, a store I wasn’t even familiar with, went in, and within a minute was at the register with the perfect cardigan.

I was beyond relieved, and when the shoot came it was smooth sailing. I even got a little experimental with the light. Normally I like a very bright even light, and I adjust the location of my model accordingly, but this time I decided to just go with it and see how the pictures turned out and luckily I was pleasantly surprised.









Outfit details:

Suede Dress ~ No longer Available
Suede Slouch Boots ~ Oasis (available at
Knit Cardigan ~ Garage
Suede Bag (with cross body strap) ~ Zara