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Bryanna Cool // A Touch of Emerald

Nov 13, 2016


I always have so much fun styling Bryanna. She has a very definitive style for herself, and she’ll sometimes add an edgy yet feminine piece to her typical looks to change things up a little, but I like to take her out of her comfort zone even further than that.

The pieces I pick out for her are never anything she would see in a store and try on, but when I force her into it, she sees that even though these pieces alone may not fit her day-to-day style, when paired with other things, they completely fit her aesthetic of class and modesty.

I started with this plaid slip dress. Bry would never in a million years pick this up to try on, but when I paired it with this chic ruffle top, it took on the preppy factor she goes crazy for. Initially, I didn’t have these suede emerald heels paired with this look, but when I saw how much it made the green in the dress pop I knew it had to be used. And with the dress and the ruffle sleeves being the focal point of the look, I decided to go with a very minimalist small bag to tie in the shoes even further.

To make this look a little more practical for fall, I wanted to show how one more layer could be added, so I went with a simple black blazer. Last year when Kim K first walked out wearing a coat on her shoulders everyone thought she was crazy, but it immediately became a statement. It’s not the most practical statement to make, but with the ruffles on the sleeves, there was no way I was going to completely cover (or wrinkle) them with a jacket, so I decided to do the blazer over the shoulder to make it a little more business appropriate while still showing off the amazing sleeves.











Outfit details:

Emerald Heels ~ Bella ~ Vita (Available at Nordstrom)
Quilted Velvet Cross Body ~ New Look
Ruffle Sleeve Top ~ Zack
Slip Dress ~ Zara
Blazer ~ Eliza J. (Available at Nordstrom)