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Brittany Hoell // Denim, Patchwork, and Ruffles

Jan 26, 2017

With being the photographer AND stylist, a rainy shooting day is your worst nightmare. The camera cannot get wet, you can’t take outdoor/uncovered pictures in the rain, and leather shoes are NOT water appropriate.

When I saw that the forecast showed rain the entire Saturday I was intending for this shoot I started to mildly panic, but later into Friday when I could see the hour by hour for Saturday, I saw an opening. From 8AM-9AM the chance for rain was the lowest it would be for the entire day, so I let Brittany know the time and we both set our alarms for a lot earlier than we would’ve liked to for our much needed weekend rest.

I woke up that morning, looked outside, and was not pleased with what I saw. Because of the cloud coverage it was dark, it was misting, and I was quickly loosing hope that we were gonna make it before it began to downpour. However with my job, the ability to improvise is key. So luckily, I had chosen a location with lots of coverage just in case we needed it. I got to the location and when Brittany pulled up I tried to hide how worried I was. I definitely didn’t want to be the reason she woke up insanely early to get ready and then drove an hour for nothing.

What wasn’t able to be hid though, was how crunched for time we felt. Even though we had enough light outside, and it was misting just lightly enough for it to not be noticed, I had a feeling we needed to move as quickly as humanly possible. We did some shots out in the open and then moved on to a covered “porch” on the local city hall building. The lighting wasn’t ideal, but the darkness almost tied in with the borderline grunge of the look.

We spent some time shooting different directions and angles under the cover and as we went to move out the rain started coming down. I made sure to get every necessary shot I would need within the first 15-20 minutes, so I knew we wouldn’t have to do a do-over if we quit then. We stayed under the cover for a few more shots and by then the rain was only getting harder. We booked it to our cars, Brittany changed, and we drove through the pouring rain to get some breakfast and chat while I thanked my lucky stars that we had, had just enough time before the rain came.


For Brittany’s first Styled by Kyle, I wanted to do something I hadn’t done before. Doing something edgy and dark was definitely on my mind. While searching, I came across this patchwork denim top and mini skirt combo, but I knew that alone wouldn’t be enough.

I had also intended on doing some sort of layering, so I decided to see what my layering options would be. My first step was to look into something collared and long sleeved, and when I saw this white button up with ruffle sleeves, I knew I had to have it.

The white contrasted the darkness of the look so flawlessly, and the ruffles added a dainty lightheartedness to the look that was so obviously contrasted by the edginess of the patchwork and the leather ankle boots. I knew the look would be perfect, and that it wouldn’t need anything else except a handbag that would perfectly tie in the texture of the leather shoes.

Outfit details:

Brittany Hoell is 5 foot 2

Denim Crop Top ~ Waven (wearing US 2)
Leather Heeled Ankle Boots ~ Zara (true to size)
Denim Skirt ~ Waven (wearing US 4)
Handbag ~ Michael Kors (Nordstrom)
Shirt w/ Open Ruffle Sleeves ~ ASOS (wearing US 2)