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Bridget Baker // Chic and Backless

Jan 17, 2017

For Bridget’s first Styled by Kyle I wanted to do a simpler look that was still chic enough for almost any daytime outing.

I started out by searching my regular go-to sites for a cute top and stumbled across this super cute pink backless sweater. With the sweater in mind I decided I wanted to go with jeans and a neutral heel/bag combo to keep the look light and bright and also to keep the focus on the pink of the sweater.

And to winterize the look, I added a light grey coat which contrasted the pink perfectly and left the look feeling complete.


Outfit details:

*Bridget Baker is 5 foot 8*

Backless Top ~ ASOS (wearing US 4)
Jeans ~ River Island (wearing US 4)
Handbag ~ Paul’s Boutique (ASOS)
Heels ~ True Decadence (ASOS)
Longline Coat ~ River Island (wearing US 4)